Internet Service Providers ISP’s Available at Independence Harbor

Below is some useful information on about high speed Internet connection at Independence Harbor. The three main choices are: DSL, cable modem and wireless. All the company contact information is contained in each section.

What Are The Choices For An Internet Connection at Independence Harbor?

Verizon Fios though Verizon Enhanced Communities


Verizon Avenue (A spin off from Verizon) has wired the Independence Harbor development so that all IH tenants can use DSL and FIOS to connect to the internet. VA will supply a DSL modem that is both Ethernet and USB based. Their pricing schedule for Independence Harbor is as followed.

Starter Pak256K/128K$19.95 for first 6 months ($34.95 after that)
Choice Pak768K/128K$34.95 for first 6 months ($49.95 after that)
Double Pak1.5M/256K$44.95 for first 6 months ($59.95)
Ultra Pak1.5M/512K$74.95 for first 6 months ($89.95)

If you also have Verizon long distance account they will continue to give you a $15 discount after the 6 months expires. It appears that they require the use of a PPOE client to connect.

Cable Modem

Time Warner Cable


Both these companies offer a cable modem service that allows high bandwidth use. Time Warner Cable costs $44.95 a month (Or $85.00 if you don’t have Cable TV already). For each extra IP address its an extra $5.00 (For each machine).



Earthlink offers a similar deal for $41.95 that also gives you a free dial up account while you are on the road. With their service you don’t already have to have a cable TV plan (But you need the cable in your home). This makes the Earthlink cable modem offer the best internet deal “Currently available” at Independence Harbor, although we have yet to talk to anyone who has it installed.

Legacy DSL

Verizon: 1.800.479.9977
Earthlink: 1.800.327.8454

This is the old DSL service that was installed prior to the Verizon Avenue service. Both companies only supply Legacy DSL to those buildings at Independence Harbor that are less than 18,000 feet “Wire length” from the central Verizon office and use a regular twisted copper line. Apparently buildings outside this range use a digital loop carrier that cannot support DSL. Chase Court is one of those buildings, but we are not aware of any other building within the range, it seems that Independence Harbor is right on the border line for this service. Having said that, the DSL that both companies supply is “Restricted bandwidth”. The amount of data is restricted to 640 Kbps down and 90 Kbps up. This means data upload is very slow – so things like sending large files or using a web camera for video conferencing is definitely out because the connection is basically just a little faster than a regular dial up modem. The Verizon DSL service costs $49.95 a month, but as a incentive they reduce the first couple of months to $29.95. The Earthlink offering costs $44.95 a month but comes with a free 20 hour a month dial up account.