Edgewater Shopping Areas

Located along the main River Road in Edgewater NJ there are five main shopping complexes each with a variety of different stores, restaurants and services located at the different sites. Although the town is small the variety of retail stores is broad. You can find everything you need from everyday household items to Japanese Mochi.

Edgewater Towne Center

As you enter Edgewater from the north side of River Road the first shopping complex you will come to is Edgewater Towne Center. The main store located at Edgewater Towne Center is Whole Foods, at this large chain grocery store you’ll find all of your grocery needs. They have everything from fresh produce to household items. There is a small dining area for customers who choose to purchase food from deli that makes a whole variety of cuisines daily. You will also find a coffee shop, fresh meat and seafood counters and other small vendors that will make all kinds of dishes from sushi to pizza. Along with Whole Foods there is a dry cleaner a Pharmacy and other smaller stores all set in a small complex with plenty of parking and easy access from the Hudson River Walk Way.

Edgewater Marketplace

Trader Joes Edgewater Market Place

Just a few blocks South you will reach the Edgewater Marketplace, here among all the restaurants and small strip mall stores is where Trader Joe’s is located. This grocery chain has a variety of unconventional and interesting products under the Trader Joe’s label. At Edgewater Market Place you will find every day grocery items like milk and eggs to the exotic Mandarin Orange Chicken. They also have a large verity of cheese and a great flower market all at affordable prices. Ample parking is available at this shopping complex and the many smaller stores and restaurants in the complex make it a popular local shopping spot.

Mitsuwa Market Place

Mitsuwa Market Place is the next smaller complex along River Road. This is where Mitsuwa is located. Mitsuwa is Japanese supermarket chain where you can buy a huge variety of Japanese groceries, cosmetics and appliances. The store also has a great food court which serves a wide range of foods from hot and cold noodles, dumplings and even soft serve and Japanese Chocolates. Also located in this complex is a small Japanese market with trinkets and home wears and books from Japan. Parking is available but can get busy at the weekends.

Edgewater Commons

Next along the road is Edgewater Commons which is home to Target, Bed Bath & Beyond and Michael’s arts and crafts and ACME. Here you can get all the weekly needs and more. You can pick up your groceries, buy gifts and even furnish you home. Target is a one stop store for every day needs with a pharmacy and photo shop located on site. Bed Bath Beyond like the name suggests has everything you need for the home and a little more. Acme is the local grocery store that has a fresh meat and seafood counter, coffee shop and large selection of fruits and vegetables. There is plenty of parking and the bus stops right outside the complex making it easily accessible to all. Edgewater Commons also has some restaurant chains and a Starbucks Coffee.

City Place

Once all the groceries have been taken care of and you need some retail therapy you can head to City Place. Anthropologie and Ulta are two of the stores you will find at city place. Anthropologie carries a current assortment of clothing, jewelry and cosmetics which are all displayed among a variety of housewares and furniture which are also for sale. At Ulta you can fulfill all your beauty needs, the have a salon located on site and carry both affordable and luxury skin and hair-care products as well as a ll manner of styling tools.